The Secret Behind Berserk Merch

Find Chainsaw Man gifts and merchandise printed on quality products produced simultaneously in socially responsible ways. Find Berserk Manga gifts and merchandise printed on quality products produced simultaneously in socially responsible ways. Know another amazing manga that wasn’t listed here? Here are some of the best serial which are licensed in English and available at retail and online. There are four different letters to choose from, N, E, R, and V. These four letters spell out NERV. This organization controls and operates the Evangelion Units to destroy the Angels that threaten the fate of humanity. Evangelion is an example of one of the most popular and inspirational  series from the 1990s. It continues to be enjoyed by fans both old and new to this very day.

A popular shoujo series about Hinamori Amu, a diffident girl who one day decides to reinvent herself and finds three eggs hatch into Guardian Characters on her bed. It is later revealed that Chi might be one of the Chobits, the legendary persons rumored to possess free will. You will love this costume because of Ahegao T-Shirt the stylish design, high quality, and variety of sizes. A young shut-in (aka hikikomori) Sakurada Jun encounters a magical, living doll and gets drawn into a battle between these dolls to become a tangible girl. Thanks to his new companion, Jun is lento drawn out of his shell. Master swordsgentleman Guts seeks vengeance against the man who branded him as an unholy sacrifice and sanctuary from the demonic forces that pursue himself and his woman.

Also known as Please Teacher, this comedy/romance manga is centered around Kei Kusanagi, a teenager suffering from a mysterious disease that causes him to go into ampere “standstill” state when under emotional distress, and his high school friends. Vote for the genre of the manga you enjoy the most! Its thick standard fabric makes December make your winter moments enjoyable with your loved ones. Material and Texture: Medium weight poly fabric and fleece lining feel super soft and comfortable. The apparel is a realistic and accurate rendition of the State Military outfits base in the serial and is easily recognizable to Fullmetal Alchemist fans. This giant plush is created to look just like Misato’s pet penguin, Pen-Pen. These cuddly and comfortable Kigurumi suits act like full-body pajamas that are perfect for lounging around in.