The reason behind the importance of web accessibility for your firm

You may be thinking equal access sounds good, but why should I care about web accessibility? It appears to be an extra puzzle that will cost me money. The opposite is true: ignoringaccessibility monitoring is a costly proposition. If your website is inaccessible, you risk losing a sizable portion of your potential customers because 20% of the population will be unable to use it. Next, the law requires it.

In the United States, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act now applies to any business or private enterprise in 12 categories, including sales, entertainment, service establishments, recreation, and so on. An activity that is deemed inaccessible forces a person with a disability to redesign the website immediately, in addition to paying the other party’s monetary damages and legal fees.

Currently, four provinces in Canada have web accessibility monitoringlaws in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), the most extensive of the four, intends to produce a barrier-free Ontario by 2025.

To that end, by 2021, all private and non-profit organizations with more than 50 employees and all public organizations. It will be required to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines on their websites (WCAG). Shortly, the federal government plans to adopt web accessibility guidelines to enforce WCAG. We can anticipate the implementation of federal web accessibility laws in Canada. With all of this in mind, it makes sense to incorporate accessibility into your website design and update it now, before the law forces you to do so.

Keep in mind makes sense to incorporate accessibility into your website design and make updates now, rather than waiting until the law forces you to. The risk of harming your brand is reason enough to prioritize web accessibility.