Feel-good movie in this pandemic

Watching movies with the family that includes love, romances, religion, and nonstop comedy is only in the hands of recent Telugu movies online. These movies online have made their great market not only in India but also overseas. The love that has been given to the recent Telugu movies online is just incompatible. People of all religions, not only from the south, love to watch what Tollywood plays. The OTT has given vast opportunities to every industry, but Tollywood has taken it to the fullest. Numerous super hits were released in 2020 that made a huge profit and have been liked by everyone. Talking about comparisons between Bollywood and Tollywood, there is a drastic change in favour of Telugu movies online. Bollywood was overrated, and people love watching that, but now the time has arrived when Tollywood from underrated is changed to highly rated.

AmaramAkhilamPrema is one of the best movies which was released during the pandemic. The releasing date was 18th September 2020. The film was also screened on the Aha app. Aha app covers almost every fantastic movie of Telugu. It is one of that movies which has love, drama, sacrifice, trust, and respect. It depicts the love and bond shared between a daughter and a father. This movie has shown how a father loves her daughter and wants her to fulfil all the wishes and make him proud. The daughter, on the other hand, wanted to make his father proud. She went to Hyderabad for her IAS Coaching. There she met an athlete and eventually fell in love with him. At first, she rejected his love but then accepted him. He is a carefree guy. This made his father lose the trust of her daughter. The girl then falls apart. She wanted to gain back his father’s love and respect for her. The movie revolves around the relationship of a father and a daughter, how the guy’s presence affected their bonding and how desperately she wants her father to trust and love her back.

 AmaramAkhilamPrema, being the best family movie that was screened in recent Telugu movies onlineDuring the pandemic’s bad phase, everyone wishes to have some good and happy time with their family. Watching this kind of Telugu movie online with the family at home will bring a lot of happiness, laughter, and giggles. Aha application has made our life easier by having almost all the Telugu movies. This application always stays with us in our boredom, giving us joy. We could not have imagined our pandemic life without Aha Application. Tollywood has made its way in the best way possible, along with Bollywood and Hollywood. Today, everyone is fond of Telugu movies worldwide due to the great content it provides. The best thing about Tollywood movies is it is not necessary to spend money on going to cinemas and watching. It shows all of the films in Aha Application and other OTT platforms, making our life unique.