When should you consume Anandamide and Phosphatidylserine?

If you have ever heard of PS and AEA supplements, then you must have wondered if those will be helpful to you. Should you consume supplements on daily basis? Are these good options for you? When is the right time to take health supplements? What should be the right dosage? All of these questions will be answered when you will know about the uses of these supplements here.

Reasons to take Phosphatidylserine

It is obvious that without knowing the reason, you shouldn’t consume any supplement and the same goes with Phosphatidylserine. It is a supplement that can be helpful to the people who are suffering from Dementia and cognitive decline. It can work as a superb treatment because it increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the body. If you want to get a nootropic effect, then also you can consume this supplement. It will improve thinking skills and also enhance memory function in elder people. After three months of consumption, you would also see a great change in your visual memory.

If you want to do well at exercise and workout, then you will have a better performance when you will consume this supplement. It would also reduce the tired feeling so that you stay fresh even after finishing your workout. If someone is suffering from excess depression or anxiety, then that person can certainly go for this supplement. The kids who have ADHD problems can also take this supplement but the dosage should be right. With appropriate dosage, it can be possible to treat several ailments.   

Reasons to consume Anandamide (aea)

There are several reasons to consume Anandamide (aea) it is highly beneficial for the people who are also suffering from some other diseases. This supplement will help you to get rid of the problems like:

  • You will be able to control your hunger and cravings. If you are suffering from obesity, then this supplement can make you feel full faster. It will be easier for you to lose weight because metabolism gets faster.
  • It works well to boost neurogenesis in humans and brain capacity. So, this supplement can be taken by any adult who is struggling with memory problems.
  • You can control your sexual desires by taking this amazing supplement.
  • It can also help you to fight from cancer cells
  • It works as a great pain reliever and will also prevent inflammation in the body.
  • If your mood doesn’t stay good, then this supplement can boost it.

Right dosage for the supplements

If you want to have a healthy body, then you must take the right dosage according to the given instructions. If you are suffering from a serious disease, then it would be best if you would consider taking the help of a physician. Although there are no such side-effects of consuming AEA and Phosphatidylserine (PS) it would be best if you take some guidance from the expert. There would be zero chances of harming your body when you ask about the dosage from an experienced doctor.